Hugh's Vintage Gallery

Late 70s picture of 2 of 4 of Ken Goodwin's 1959 Les Pauls (Bloomfield was 1 of the 4). 1959 Gibson Les Paul Sunburst. Note \ Recent Les Paul. Light as a feather & all business! Jeff Peacock and Hugh’s 1962 ES-350s in the late 70s. 20 serial #s apart! The 1962 ES-350 – I just had to get another! My friend Philip with his early 60s Strat. I took that with a crappy camera (not bad, eh?) Possibly PRS' best design! The hollowbody. Chris Okey playing the Bloomfield Les Paul. The \ 1953 Les Paul. Refinished. White \ 1961 Les Paul. In late 1959 the body style of the Les Paul was changed to a style later to be called the S.G. (Solid Guitar).  Note the original brown case. 1958 Les Paul.  Serial 80243. Refinished. Probably originally a \ Early 1956 ash bodied Strat. Took out Swiss citizenship! 1956 Gibson ES5 Switchmaster. All gold 1956 Gibson Les Paul. All gold 1956 Gibson Les Paul. Don't ya wish it was still this way? Refinished Esquire... added neck pickup... gorgeous V neck & twang for days. I've owned many of these early 60s Fender 2x10 super amps. '63 Blonde Ash Strat... <b>NOT</b> white!... This guitar is why we like old Strats! 1964 & 1959 Gibson ES guitars relaxin'. Rare 1965 transitional Firebird with Kluson tuners. 1959 Gibson ES-345. I've owned a bunch of these! Gibson early 60s tweed Explorer. Slide magic with a 10\ 1966 Reverberocket — Buck Rogers would be proud! Kills a Deluxe Reverb! Aged unsigned Pearly — Best top or what?! Some of Gene's best work — B1C with Holmes pickups. Rare & beautiful Baker! Billy Bo after Bigsby & before Dave Connery's superlative pinstripe work. Clapton's real \ Killer blonde Johnny A. Johnny even later signed the pickguard! Repro of Elvis Costello's 1936 — I miss that whopper V neck! Gibson's elegant ES-355 model — early 60s vintage. First Gustavsson gold top — Chambered — Best P90 tone ever! Gustavsson Bluemaster prototype. Leather jacket — that must be Lou Reed? Fading my historic makeovers Les Paul. Only 1.5 sun days (no sun screen)! Caught these 2 Strat-a-Holic rock stars doin' a tailgate jam. Jeff's early 60s double neck. Hollow. Takes me back 30 years! 4 PAFs! How'd ya like to have the PRS that Jimi played at Woodstock???!!! Dave McNaught built me this gorgeous VDC... to my specs. Rare \ 2008 PRS prototype triple soap — Devastatingly good! 2008 PRS prototype triple soap — Devastatingly good! (headstock) David Wilcox's 65/56 Strat. David Wilcox's 65/56 Strat & the change to a 65 neck. Sounds better! Honest! Here’s what happened to the Wilcox ’56 neck - fits this gold body as if it was made for it! Re-necked 61 dot neck — killer! Thanks to Gord Barry! 1985 PRS custom. Elegant faded vintage yellow top.